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Sah-Silga Farms and Foods Limited (SFFL) is a technology driven start-up Agro Company incorporated on 22nd February, 2021 as a private limited liability company in Nigeria. The company commenced operation on 10th May, 2021 in Yola Adamawa State.
The company’s primary business activities are divided into two divisions namely; agro-allied division and food business division which are code named A1 and F1 respectively. The A1 deals with the cultivation of food crops, livestock production, fertilizer distribution, herbicides and chemical distribution, selling and leasing of farm implements and seedlings, warehouse and storage facility services, land clearing and veterinary services among others. Meanwhile, the F1 focuses on manufacturing, processing and packaging of food crops and poultry products as well as distribution and wholesale/retailing of all food staples in Nigeria and for export.
The company’s strategic intent is to be recognised as one of the dominant food and agro-allied company operating in Nigerian market measured by total assets, profit, return in equity and return of assets.
Our vision is to be a global player in food and agro-allied business by 2050 while our mission statement focused on providing quality food and agro-allied products and services driven through technology in a manner that is efficient, convenient and affordable to all.
These six values and guiding principles are our cultural cornerstones, guiding our decision-making process and how we work together as a company. Our core values are represented by the acronym THITEQ:

  • Team work: we see ourselves as a team and that’s why we perform better.
  • Honesty: we are honest in all our dealings and we expect our client to reciprocate
  • Integrity: we ensure that we match our word with action.
  • Timeliness: we deliver in time because we know that time is money
  • Excellence and Quality: we provide premium services to our customers and clients. We don’t compromise on quality.